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Solar Energy Production Forecasts

Using historical production records and weather data, we trained a Deep Learning model to forecast the Photovoltaic Power Production of the next 48h.

Our technology achieved an accuracy gain of 22.5% compared to the state of the art.

Smart City

→ Predict Buildings Thermal Dynamics to reduce AC or Heating costs.

→ Predict People’s moves to optimize Public Transportation.

Insurance and Risk Management

Alert Consummer before an event to prevent damage.

Or predict the evolution of a Biohazard/Pollution Risk

And many others...

Epidemic Spread



and Water Management

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Johan Mathé

Johan Mathé


Computer Science MSc - UTC

10 Years @ Google [x]

Jérémie Lequeux

Jérémie Lequeux


Computer Science MSc - UTC

MBA Entrepreneurship - ISC Paris

Nina Miolane

Nina Miolane

Scientific Advisor

Post-doc @ Stanford University

Ecole Polytechnique

Christian Keller

Christian Keller

Business Advisor

MBA Entrepreneurship - Stanford University